Feature Columns


SparseFeat is a namedtuple with signature SparseFeat(name, vocabulary_size, embedding_dim, use_hash, dtype, embeddings_initializer, embedding_name, group_name, trainable)

  • name : feature name
  • vocabulary_size : number of unique feature values for sprase feature or hashing space when use_hash=True
  • embedding_dim : embedding dimension
  • use_hash : defualt False.If True the input will be hashed to space of size vocabulary_size.
  • dtype : default int32.dtype of input tensor.
  • embeddings_initializer : initializer for the embeddings matrix.
  • embedding_name : default None. If None, the embedding_name will be same as name.
  • group_name : feature group of this feature.
  • trainable: default True.Whether or not the embedding is trainable.


DenseFeat is a namedtuple with signature DenseFeat(name, dimension, dtype)

  • name : feature name
  • dimension : dimension of dense feature vector.
  • dtype : default float32.dtype of input tensor.


VarLenSparseFeat is a namedtuple with signature VarLenSparseFeat(sparsefeat, maxlen, combiner, length_name, weight_name,weight_norm)

  • sparsefeat : a instance of SparseFeat
  • maxlen : maximum length of this feature for all samples
  • combiner : pooling method,can be sum,mean or max
  • length_name : feature length name,if None, value 0 in feature is for padding.
  • weight_name : default None. If not None, the sequence feature will be multiplyed by the feature whose name is weight_name.
  • weight_norm : default True. Whether normalize the weight score or not.